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  • Michael Juliano

The House Passes Legislation to Allow CBD Use in the Military

The United States military, with its decades long history of harsh drug policy, showed a crack in the armor on July 20th 2020, when the House of Representatives passed an amendment that allows troops to treat themselves with hemp products.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii and Iraq War Veteran herself, introduced the amendment to a surprisingly receptive House.

There is great research being done around hemp, resulting in new products coming to market that are proven to help with ailments like insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress and more” Gabbard argued on the House floor.

Gabbard also took a slight stab at the pharmaceutical industry saying “Hemp products provide a form of treatment that serves as an alternative option for those who would rather pursue natural remedies rather than prescription drugs.” This is radical speak in the United States Congress, an entity so deeply entrenched in the pockets of Wall Street and Big Pharma

“This amendment passed with strong bipartisan support, ensuring our service members have access to the same over-the-counter products that Americans all across the country benefit from today,” she concluded, perhaps displaying some surprise that the House passed the amendment with a whopping 336-71 vote.

The legislation comes at a time when many Americans are coming to a reckoning about how we think about hemp, and the human repercussions that came with criminalizing the substance for decades.

Most importantly, the bill should serve as a reminder that if we are willing to put our young men and women in danger across the world, we should do the bare minimum in allowing them to treat the ailments that they receive when they are overseas.

The much needed good news from the federal government coincides with recent research that shows just how powerful CBD can be for PTSD.

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