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  • Michael Juliano

Study Shows CBD Effective Treatment for PTSD

In light of the House of Representatives recently passing legislation allowing CBD use in the Military, now might be a good time to reflect on the studies that show just how powerful CBD can be for exercise induced inflammation and the obvious anxiety that comes with combat. However, research posted in the National Institute of health database show that CBD might be most effective for the way that it is used after horrors of war.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been a condition that the medical community has been worried about in regards to veterans for some time now. In recent years, doctors have been more willing to extend that PTSD diagnosis to patients who have dealt with the horrors of car accidents, sexual assault, etc.

Researchers believe that doctors should also start thinking about different ways to treat it. According to a study done by the Permanente Journal on a young girl suffering with the condition, CBD was more effective than its traditional pharmaceutical alternatives.

“Pharmaceutical medications provided partial relief, but results were not long-lasting, and there were major side effects. A trial of cannabidiol oil resulted in a maintained decrease in anxiety and a steady improvement in the quality and quantity of the patient’s sleep” said Professor and medical doctor Scott Shannon in his case presentation.

Shannon also noted what made this case study so exceptional. “The strength of this particular case is that our patient was receiving no pharmaceutical medications (other than nonprescription diphenhydramine) but only nutritional supplements and the CBD oil to control her symptoms. Her scores on the sleep scale and the anxiety scale consistently and steadily decreased during a period of 5 months.”

The study did note that further study needs to be conducted to determine the permanency of the patients positive behaviors, but also claimed that “in our experience, this supplement given 12 mg to 25 mg once daily appears to provide relief of key symptoms with minimal side effects. Our patient did not voice any complaints or discomfort from the use of CBD,” and went on to report that the patient did not complain of headaches fatigue or agitation.

The anecdotal evidence that we receive from our clients every day here at Arrow Organics matches up with this study exactly. No one reports any miracles. They just feel… better.

If you suffer from the various forms of anxiety that CBD can help treat, including but not limited to PTSD and the sleep issues that come with it, feel free to use the discount code “STAYHOME” for 20% off at Arrow Organics.

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