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Best ways to use CBD

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

With so many CBD products on the market, how do I know what is best for me?

So you are interested in CBD, but are not sure what is the best way to use it. You are overloaded with with products from foods to creams, oils, pills, and vapes, but are not sure which one to go with. This article will break down the different methods of taking CBD, and hopefully you will better understand the differences and advantages of each product. Here is a list of popular CBD products, and how they work.

  • CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oil tincture is arguably the most effective way of consuming CBD, as stated in the medical journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. Tincture is consumed by dropping liquefied CBD under the tongue. From there, the CBD is quickly absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The effect is quick and the potency you end up getting is exactly so as stated on the bottle. Taking your CBD as a tincture is a sure way to guarantee you are getting exactly the dose you intend to. Arrow Organics carries tincture products in a multitude of flavors and strengths. Check out our selection today!

  • Vaping CBD

Vaping is a method of inhalation similar to smoking. Vaping CBD is also an effective way to take CBD for the same reasons tinctures are: smoking a product leads to quick absorption into the bloodstream. Vaping CBD may be an attractive option for smokers, but for people with an objection to smoking, tincture is an alternate option which is equally effective.

  • CBD Creams

CBD Creams have become very popular recently. It is a topical application, carried out by applying it directly to the skin. Creams are noticeably less potent than vaping or tincture, because they must be absorbed through the skin before entering the bloodstream. This is a long process which results in the body absorbing less CBD than is applied. CBD Creams are good for targeting localized spots for people not looking for a full-body effect, and do have anti-swelling properties as a skin product, which makes it an attractive option for some.

  • CBD Infused Foods and Pills

For people looking to go the digestive route, CBD-infused foods and pills are an option. CBD foods are a current culinary trend that is catching on, with entire companies being built around the product. Ingesting CBD is a less effective way to get it in your bloodstream. The digestive process is long, and, during it, your body does not absorb all of the CBD that is consumed. It has also reportedly caused stomach discomfort to some, as CBD sometimes does not pair well with other ingredients as a food or drink product. It is a culinary experience, so it is a fun way of ingesting CBD, but don’t expect maximum results. At Arrow Organics, we recommend tincture. With tincture, there are no surprises. You get exactly what you are expecting, without the bells-and-whistles, hassle-free. Just drop the product under your tongue and you are good to go. It's painless and easy! Shop our selection of tinctures now! Written by Jake Lawless

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