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  • Michael Juliano

3 Reasons Every Golfer Should Be Using CBD

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

If you're like a lot of weekend warriors, chances are you have experienced many of the aches and ailments that come with not having the most biomechanically efficient golf swing in the world. If you’re like many of the grunts who lug 2 bags in the summer heat, chances are your feet like rocks and your legs feel like jello. If you’re like many of the young professionals grinding on mini circuits and beating 300 balls a day on the range going through a perpetual state of swing changes, chances are just about everything hurts.

The good news is, studies show that CBD can help with a lot of the aches come with the game we love to hate, and also comes with mental health benefits, and potentially better sleep to fuel the next 18.

#1: Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce inflammation

We know many golfers out there at one time or another have struggled with lower back pain. And if it isn’t the L5 lumbar that is the culprit, then it’s either the shoulder, knee, or overall muscle aches that will get you.

Luckily, researchers from the Medical University of Białystok write in their paper called “Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Cannabidiol” concluded “preclinical and clinical studies have contributed to our understanding of the therapeutic potential of CBD for many diseases, including diseases associated with oxidative stress.”

If you have acute pain, we’d recommend applying our Arrow Organics topical ointment directly to the location in need.

#2: Studies have shown CBD can help performance anxiety

Feel free to keep scrolling and send this one to your foursome, because we know you never get nervous on the first tee, and you’re basically automatic on those downhill left to right putts with the club championship on the line.

However, your buddy should definitely know that one of the prior articles I posted on here showed how CBD can help public speaking anxiety and the scientists that I sourced it from also concluded in their research that CBD was effective in curbing all types of performance anxiety.

#3: Studies have shown that CBD can help sleep

If you’re the type of guy that schedules an early morning tee time, only to show up on fours of sleep with 2 different colored socks on, that is easily the most surefire way to hit consistent chunk hybrids 80 yards up and down the fairway all morning.

The health and fitness community has been relentless on the issue of sleep deprivation drastically inhibiting sports performance for over a decade. These researchers believe that CBD can be just the trick.

Hit em straight folks, and remember to use the promo code “TeeIt” for 20% off at Shop Arrow Organics.